Marko's experience in Lovran
Učka Nature Park
This is the view from Vojak Tower (built by austrian nature enthusiasts from Österreichischer Touristen Club in 1911 just before WW1). At thepicture you see island Cres and the Adriatic Sea on the left and a glimpse of Istrian landscape on the right. The view truely gives an alpe-adria feeling. There is a bus running from Opatija - there is a hiking trail, too - every day to station "Poklon" where you find an classy alpine restaurant that serves dishes with game or bear prosciutto. From there you have a 90-minutes walk to the top a.k.a. Vojak Tower. You can also stay overnight at Poklon. #backtonature #keepitsimple #notmuchtobehappy #damngoodfood
Posted by Marko
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