Schwartz's Deli
If you visit Montreal, you can’t leave without trying smoked meat. Montreal smoked meat is a type of deli meat, served warm. This kosher-style dish takes a long time to make. First, the beef brisket is salted and cured with spices. Then, it is left for a week or two to absorb the flavors. Then it is smoked, whole. After that, it is steamed for many hours. It’s best eaten right away, and traditional smoked mat sandwhichs are served on rye bread with mustard. There are many places where you can get smoked meat, but Schwartz’s is one of the best in town - it is a Montreal landmark that has been service its orginal recipe since 1928. Fun fact: Celine Dion owns part of it! Photo credit: Schwartz’s Deli: #montreal #smokedmeat #restaurant #landmark
Posted by Kimberley Chan
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