Ana Bulnes's experience in Vigo
Dinoseto ("Dino-hedge") first appeared on a roundabout in April 2015. A truck came, started assembling it, but then dismantled it, and took it away. Those who had seen it had taken pictures, and Twitter was on fire. In a few hours, Dinoseto had a name and a Facebook page with a couple thousand fans. Everyone wanted it back. The mayor said it had been a mistake, the dinosaur was supposed to be on a different location (a water park), but changed his mind when he saw what was happening on Twitter. One month later, Dinoseto reappeared at Porta do Sol, Vigo's central square. It was supposed to be a temporary thing, but it's been over a year, and she has even laid an egg. Now we're waiting for Dinosetito to be born. #statue #keepvigoweird
Posted by Ana Bulnes
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