The Grove
It is an outdoors mall that looks like a lovely park, has a great music (Fanc Sinatra times) and it is a neighbour of The original Farmers Market so you can kill 2 birds in 1 shot. I had it in my list as a sight-seeing spot, not shopping and it is perfect for the morning visit (had a nice breakfast at the Farmers Market right after!) About the parking. The Grove has its on big indoors parking. 1st hour is for free. The 1.5 hour is 3 dollars and so it goes. But there are stores that are giving the validation for the free 2 hours parking for any purchase. (a bookstore for example) Important that the Farmers market cafes and shops are not giving the validations for the Grove parking (they have their own outdoors parking right next to it) so before you put your car - decide where you are going to spend your money to get the right validation.
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