Animate Osaka Nippombashi
1. Den Den Town It may be true that Akihabara has more things to see and buy, as most electronic stores had moved out of this area in Osaka; but Den Den Town has enough to wow the otaku at heart, and enough to starve off the anime fan inside me. By the way, many electronic stores can be found close to Umeda, which, I ‘d read, is the most northern end of Namba, though I doubt you can cover point to point on foot! The otaku culture, along with manga and anime, has captured the world by storm and nowhere is it best experienced than its original birthplace in Japan. I’m glad to have a chance to satisfy my manga craving with this visit to Den Den Town. For a start, make your way to Animate, one of the biggest anime chains in Japan. #namba #japan #anime #culture #osaka #manga
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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