Mombacho Volcano is something truly not to be missed. Not only will you find one of the best views of Granada from the top, but you’ll also get a chance to explore this jungled cloud forest. If you’re lucky, see and hear some howler monkeys around. Getting to Mombacho is fairly easy with the entrance reachable by the main road. There are a few different ways to explore the area which will all depend on your preference. There are several beautiful hiking trails around the volcano’s craters, but the trick is actually getting to the top. The most popular option involves 4×4 truck that will take you directly to the top at a cost of around $20 per person. If you’re on a budget and time allocates, walk the steep 3 miles to the top. Once you’ve made it, tack on a canopy adventure and glide through the cloud forest along the 1-mile course instead of just driving (or walking) down. #volcano #nicaragua #travel
Posted by Kristen Slizgi
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