Palacio de los Olvidados
Tucked in the narrow streets of Albaicín, museum always has something good going on. I saw the Inquisition exhibit on tortute which was deliciously cringeworthy. Immediately upon entry, a tall statue of a man in a black hood a-la-KKK slaps you in the face, preparing you for what's about to come. The exhibition on the first floor features various torture devices you won't be able to look away from, while feeling extremely grateful you do not live in the centuries they were so popular in. Upstairs is the Sephardic museum with many cool relics including scriptures, toys and artifacts. The museum is excellently curated and very well-assembled with a bathroom downstairs. Best €5 I've spent in my life. This should be one of your must-see's in Granada. #statue #history
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