Hakone-Yumoto Stn.
Visit Hakone. If this is your first end-of-year trip in Japan, my suggestion is to make Tokyo as your base. Tokyo should have enough interesting sights, sounds and sceneries to keep you occupied. Moreover, you can easily explore the surrounding attractions with the efficient transport infrastructure in Japan. Hakone is an onsen town close to Tokyo with the advantage of overlooking the picturesque Mount Fuji in the background. It has historical attractions nestled within the vicinity, having once been a post station for travelers between Tokyo and Kyoto during the Edo period. It also has a number of interesting museums. Best of all, these are opened during the holiday period! Note: Do note that it is still highly encouraged to check the opening schedule of these places of interest prior going as schedule may change from time to time. #onsentown #winter #japan #views #photography #hakone
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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