Mt. Talamitan
Facing the Challenge - the trek to Mt. Talamitan I thought it would be easy climb, but then climbing at 9am when the sun and heat is too painful on the skin and with sign of heat exhaustion and heat cramps gave me rapid breathing that kept my pace like a turtle racing with rabbits. At times I question my sanity and why I ever decided to do it? The assault was from a forested mountainous terrain changing to a rich rich grassy farmland with cows plowing and sometimes chases someone who try to pee on their plowed land?..the struggle is real. But the higher I climb just looking at the flowering shrubs and its glistening leaves and the lush farm lands, I could say it's one of the best decision. And upon reaching the peak became one of my proudest moment. I am mentally stronger, the giant ball can't beat me?#mountaineering #trekking #adventure #mentallystrong #challenge #sundays #heat #physical #camping #extreme #hiking
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