The old town (Medina) has a thriving street market. You can buy shoes, soaps, jewelry, clothes, sweets, and anything else you can imagine. Here's the trick - nothing has a set price so you've got to negotiate. The guy will give you a starting price. A local friend of mine taught me what to do: 1. Calculate half the price and offer him less than that (negotiation is all about reaching a middle ground) 2. Tell him the product is ok but won't last you long so you don't want to spend much (that will strip the crazy amount of value vendors put on products,like saying that's the best leather in the country, etc) 3. Be persistent, keep offering lower than what you're willing to pay 4. Walk away (say thanks, but I'm not paying a dime over $x ) 5. The guy is always on the winning end, so if he's going to profit from you, he'll chase you. If he doesn't chase you, either pay what he asked for or walk away 6. Have change ready. That's it - have fun with it! It's good to ask a few places for the price on some goods before buying. As an example, I negotiated these shoes for $9 #culture #shopping #market #gifts #souvenirs
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