Maria Iotova's experience in Kigali
Casa Keza
Serving freshly-made Spanish food, Kasa Keza is by far the best tapas bar in town. The restaurant is particularly favored for its lush garden, overlooking the valley and attentive personnel. Open seven days a week, from early morning till late, this restaurant is great for any occasion, but the weekend brunch menu is to die for. Check out their calendar for live music nights around the campfire, and if you have children in your company, note that Casa Keza has indoor and outdoor play areas. And what goes best with patatas bravas, albondigas en salsa (beef meatballs with cream sauce), and mushroom croquettes? Classic red or refreshing white sangria, of course! #spanishfood #tapas #sangria #garden
Posted by Maria Iotova
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