Nanina Kuhinja
Nanina Kuhinja features in street dinning experience of Sarajevo. And what a backdrop it has, in the middle of buzzing Bascarsija, the old town of Sarajevo. Think of classics, from the traditional Bosnian pot, to Goulash and delectable desserts, you’re bound to find all the simple yet authentic Bosnian dishes here. Try Klepe, the Bosnian version of ravioli, imagine a dough stuffed with either tangy cheese or meat lamb or beef before put to steam to create a soft ravioli-like texture. Instead of bechamel, comes with a yoghurt or garlic sauce and churned with spices you can never taste home. The best option for vegetarians are the pies stuffed with a variety of different savory fillings. My personal favourite was spinach and cheese, which is called sirnica.
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