Temescal Canyon
One of the most Instagrammable places you can find is in the Temescal Canyon area right outside Los Angeles. Within a 2-hour drive, you can experience something amazing that happens every spring in the area - the Poppy Super Bloom. Imagine a beautiful array of poppy flowers surrounded by canyons and beautiful mountains. That’s exactly what you’ll get during the Spring in California. The Temescal Canyons draw in crowds from tourists to locals alike so be sure to arrive early. Barricades and police block off the streets to access the canyons around 7 am. You’ll want to arrive beforehand in order to drive and hike up to the canyons. If you arrive after 7 am, you will have to park at a neighboring parking lot, about 5 miles down the road and be shuttled to and from the poppy fields. Traffic can be heavy and wait times can be as long as 2 hours going to and from the fields. Make sure to come early! The breathtaking views are all worth it though as these fields are nothing short of sheer beauty. #poppyfields #temescalcanyon #mountains #hiking
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