Tom Howard's experience in Antón
Casa Mariposa
Have you ever wanted to stay at a B&B while hanging out with Sloths? Yes, a place like that actually exists! Located in Anton Valley (El Valle de Anton) this B&B is owned and operated by Ursula and Harry, a Swiss and Colombian couple who have rescued three sloths over the years. Two, three toed sloths, Sammie (shown in picture)and Dahabie, and one two toed sloth. The sloths live on the property and guests can interact with them during their two to three daily visits to their open aired structure located directly in front of the rooms. If you're lucky, the sloths will allow you to hold them! The property is lovely, the rooms are spacious and just outside of each room there's a fully stocked fridge with beers and snacks. The owners are friendly and knowledgable in regards to hikes in the area AND you get to hang out with sloths. This place is one of a kind and an absolute MUST while in the area! #free-wifi #elvalledeanton #antonvalley #sloths
Posted by Tom Howard
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