Reda's experience in Kissimmee
One of Florida's oldest tourist attractions, Gatorland is pure American kitsch and home to thousands of alligators, including two otherworldly white skinned blue eyed Louisiana leucistic alligators. Admission includes entry through the iconic gator mouth arches, a petting zoo, live feeding show and access to the swamp breeding grounds. Staff members take turns feeding and wrestling the gators, they are super informative and knowledgeable in spite of a theatrical redneck shtick. For a few extra bucks you can try your hand at rookie wrestling, wherein you pose on top of a taped mouth gator for photographic posterity. There's also a zip line that extends across the park and a bbq joint on site that should be avoided. I didn't expect to love this place as much as I did but it totally won me over by being a low key crowd free cost effective alternative to some of central Florida's other attractions - night feeding and early entry for photographers is also offered. #gatorland #yeehaw #betterthandisney #floridagold #swamptimes
Posted by Reda
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