POUNDBURY, DORSET Several interesting trips this weekend, Poundbury being one. There was an eerie feeling to the place. A little like The Prisoner (with Patrick McGoowan) - people acting out normal lives. There were a few cafés with happy locals wrapped in clean winter clothes, sipping coffee on the terraces. They looked happy enough. I did meet one older gentleman and we chatted for ten minutes or so. I asked him why he had moved to Poundbury, but he wouldn't tell me; and he wouldn't give me his name either. I asked him why the obelisk had no writing on it and he referred me to another obelisk, saying it didn't have any writing either. It is unfair to describe Poundbury as a pastiche of Dorset village vernacular architecture. It is unfortunate that because anyone can park anywhere, it is used as a carpark by many outsiders as a park-n-ride to Dorchester. It is beautiful architect-designed and very high quality build, at attractive prices, where anyone who is nicely middle-class will immediately feel at home and make friends quickly - but take care to mind your p's and q's ;-)! My new friend is in the final photo.
Posted by Pietro Cinzano
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