City of art, culture and commerce with an efficient trade fair structure and a renowned manufacturing and motoring tradition, Bologna is known for its almost 40 km of arcades, the longest in the world. Also called the "Learned", due to its ancient University, and the "Fat" for its gastronomy, the city boasts the title "Creative City of UNESCO Music" and boasts one of the largest and best preserved medieval historic centers of Europe, teeming with clubs, taverns, theaters and shops. With its art and history, Bologna surprises travelers in all seasons, from the atmosphere of the Bolognese summer to the magical Christmas lights. At first, the city can be visited from the beautiful Piazza Maggiore where medieval buildings, witnesses of lively public life and intense economic activity, blend perfectly with modernity. Preserving their ancient charm, are the two twin towers of the city (called Degli Asinelli and Garisenda), the West oldest university and the water canals dating back to the twelfth century and can also be visited in the underground routes. Museums and Galleries and many religious buildings, are surely an amazing point if view of Bologna. The by day and by night city life, can be seen in the numerous taverns, theaters, galleries, bookshops, squares and shops. Modern spas offer wellness treatments and rehabilitation treatments. Bologna is still a city on a human scale and, at least in the historic center area, distances can be covered on foot in a short time. The easiest way to enjoy all its events. In South side from Bologna, the hills represent a green reserve where monumental architectural jewels such as villas, churches and monasteries are hidden.
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