Park Grounds is a neighborhood coffee spot and bar, located in the popular neighborhood of Reynoldstown in Atlanta, GA. This homey neighborhood spot allows patrons to enjoy the unique experience of getting hopped up on local coffee or enjoying a day buzz, all while watching your pup socialize and play in a shady backyard setting. If getting some work done, or enjoying a book in a cafe setting that feels like home, this is the spot for you. If you want to watch the dogs run around without all the mess while enjoying some shade and fresh air, there's a patio for that. If you don't mind a little mud and dirt and want an up close experience with the neighborhood dogs, there's plenty of backyard seating in the middle of the furry fray for that. Park Grounds has a plethora of food, drinks, pastries, and seating to choose from. And remember that this is a local spot, frequented by true Atlanta veterans, so prepare for a truly authentic experience.
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