Ozette River
Another Olympic coast gem. Most people do the "Ozette triangle" hiking to Cape Alava, south along the beach to Sand Point then back inland. If you want to do something different hike out to Cape Alava then go north. You can hike all along the coast to the famous Point of the Arches near Shi Shi and have less people than both Cape Alava and Shi Shi. We camped at the mouth of the Ozette river and planned to day hike to point of the arches the next day but the whisky that was supposed to last us two nights only lasted us one and we woke up late; right in time for high tide and couldn't cross the river for hours (bring a watch and tide chart. And easy on the whiskey. Duh) It was still wonderful sitting by the river and beach and watching the otters play in the river all day though #hiking #beach #camping
Posted by Nichole Roether
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