Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire
This is a non-for-profit food skill training school ran by the lovely Alison Swan Parente. Students are taught to prepare cheese, chocolate, bread amd trained in charcuterie. You can take short or longer courses as a visitor and your contribution helps their full-time students attend for free. (Most of them do super well and are able to get good jobs after finishing the program). I went for lunch and shamelessly hit up the buffet like, 5 times. Quiche was invredible- light, yet rich and flavorful, crispy bottom. Cheese- amazing, fresh, locally made. Olive bread was a winner for sure. Even tried picalilli (pickled veggies with spices). There is a brewer on the estate, Claire, who makes 150,000 pints a month as well as an indian snack maker. Absolute must-see if you're in the area,.plus the entire estate is beautiful. Alison will welcome you right in. #food #cookingclass #baking #cooking #free-wifi
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