Piper Schad's experience in Turin
Cioccolateria Giordano
Not too far from Turin’s central train station, Porta Nuova, you can find a tiny chocolate shop named A. Giordano. This shop is tucked in the historical arcades facing the Giardino Sambuy garden. The family operation has been around since 1897 so they know what they’re doing with their cocoa. Giordano is known best for its hazelnut chocolates, called giacomette and gianduiotti, sourced locally from the Piemonte region. These handcrafted chocolates in gold wrappers are so creamy you’d think you were eating liquid gold. Don’t take my word for it - the friendly shopkeeper will let you sample one yourself. #chocolate #gianduiotti #torino
Posted by Piper Schad
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