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Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey
Olesa de Montserrat, Spain
Montserrat is the perfect day trip out of the city when you feel overwhelmed by hordes of tourists. Get yourself to the metro at Plaça d'Espanya (the one on the side of Arenas mall). Get a ticket (I recommend riding the funicular instead of the train because it's more scenic. Also buy the ticket that includes train to the mountain 2 ways + cable car, it's cheaper than buying separately). The ride is about 1hr and half of it is outside and scenic. Air up at Monserrat is amazing and super crisp. It almost always drizzles, so put on a jacket or bring umbrella. Must see's: observation deck, stairway to heaven, central plaza, inside of the chapel (touch the black Madonna for good luck). There are trails to hike which are frequented by locals. #hiking #statue #history
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