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Spa World
Osaka, Japan
This spa is 24/7 and has other amenities to keep you entertained! This specific Japanese onsen spa is destination themed with half of the spa area European-themed and the other half Asian-themed. One is designated for men and the other for women and each month the spa areas switch so people in the area can experience both Asian and European parts. For example, the European area features spa settings from Spain, Greece, and Finland, and Italy among others. The Asian sides features spas from Bali and East Asia. You go in nude with a small towel to these spas. The other main part of Spa World is an indoor water park and you can go in with your swimsuit on here - a good option if you don't feel comfortable going the other route! Definitely a fun experience all around. Cost is around 2000-2500 yen for a 24 hour period. #spa #japan #osaka #swimming
Posted by
Amelia Hagen
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