10 Spots For A Como Lake Road Trip
Lake Como is a major tourist destination essential to a trip in Lombardy. It is one of the biggest lake in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe. As it has been a popular for over 100 years with the wealthiest part of Italian society, you will find incredible villas and resorts on the lake shores. Here are 10 spots for a road trip that will bring you from Como to Lecco through Bellagio. We'll start by a pizza in Como, the we'll try to get a view of the road ahead of us with a hike above the lake. We'll hit the road toward Bellagio in the narrowest streets around the lakes, visiting iconic villages. If you want to get out of your van, no problem, you can trek your way out to Bellagio and that's also in the list! Finally we'll end up in Lecco where you can park on the waterfront!
Posted by Lucas Strazzeri
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