12 Things A Yogi Can Do In Ubud Bali
I admit I felt like I’d struck lottery when I can call Asia my home, where Bali is in my backyard, ready to embrace me whenever I need. It is the perfect remedy to the urban jungle I’m stuck in. It is full of cultural stimulation, friendly local Balinese (read: I am not speaking of Javanese here), ready infrastructure of creature comfort, assimilation of tradition and technology, amalgamation of east and west; and of course, the food, food and glorious food! I come here to rejuvenate and indulge, and most of all, to partake in all activities here with much gratitude. After all, it is a privilege to be able to hold an utopian dream in our hearts. I make my way down to this piece of paradise every year, and to soak in a much-needed yogic retreat that I crave much. Here is a list of 12 yogic things you can do in Ubud (nay, you can still do these things even if yoga is far from your mind!)
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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