Kate Siobhan Mulligan's question in Mexico

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Not sure the topic here, but does anyone know if there are public buses is PDC? We're staying outside the city core by about ten minutes, but prefer not to take our toddler in a cab too much (without a car seat). Collectivos? (Like mini vans?) Or proper buses?

Hey, not sure if it's too late to reply, but I would prefer to take a can with a toddler- maybe just have him/her sit on your lap. The collectivos and busses can get crowded- they tend to try to squeeze as many people into a mini van as possible, and most of them aren't normal mini vans and don't… 
*a cab, not a can lol
Hi Kimberley, thanks! We're nervous as a bad car accident holding a child in lap can be deadly. But we don't want to haul a car seat to the beach every day! Someone suggested to me a way of wearing the kid in a carrier safely inside a car, so that might have to be the way it goes... We don't leave til January. Do you live there?
Hi Kate, yes I know what you mean, and the carrier sounds like the best option. I don't live in playa but I used to, so if you have any more questions let me know!