Jake Westermann's question in United States


Alright, we'll start with a nice vague one to get the Q and A started (escape sequence issues going on, ampersand ain't happening)... What are the best seafood spots? Sushi, oysters, whatever! Looking for the places the fishmongers go to, after they're done selling to the overpriced tourist traps:)

Loki fish company!!! Look for them at u district and Ballard farmers markets. They're the best. Salmon direct from the fisherman. Small family business.
Hama Hama oysters is at both those spots to and they have nationally famous oysters
The walrus and the carpenter in Ballard is my favorite restaurant in Seattle and has excellent seafood choices
Thanks for the recommendations guys! Appreciate everyone taking the time to answer.
Also, Salty's at Alki Beach and Elliott's by the Bay!