MJo's question in Colombia


Hi everyone!! My friends and I are traveling to Colombia this summer, we are thinking about the itinerary. Apart from the most well-known cities we would like to visit Providencia island in S. Andrés archipelago and Punta Gallinas, both of them are quite remote, so what is the best way to get them? Thanks

You have to take a plane to san Andrés or providencia. Though I’ve never been to either. I know you also have to pay an entrance fee to get to them I forget how much. For puntas gallinas it’s easy to get a bus to rioacha from any of the Caribbean towns. You might want to spend the night here… 
Thanks a lot Nichole, for your advice.
no problem. Let me know if you have any more questions I’ve spent over a year in Colombia :). Definitely don’t miss out on the Guajira Desert. One of the most surreal beautiful places I’ve been.
Here's a little itinerary on San Andres https://travelstoke.matadornetwork.com/lists/vKNmyDzk/
Thanks again I ‘ll not hesitate to contact you for more questions
And some more ideas https://travelstoke.matadornetwork.com/lists/N6xNLyzl/
Thanks Dayana! :)