Nichole Roether's question in Laos


Hey guys! I’m going to Laos for 9 days for Chinese New Year in February and want to hang out in the northern part of the country. I also want to do a motor scooter road trip while there. I’ve heard of the loop in the south but have any of you done any motor routes in the north of the country? Thanks!

I did a hop on hop off bus tour around northern Laos with "Stray Asia" Google them, obviously I can see you won't want to use them. But check out there itinerary for North East Laos, lots of cool places and doable on scooters.
Cool. Thank you I’ll check it out ???
I was motor biking around Laos in March and really enjoyed it. If you want to see the northern part there isn't really a 'loop' like there is in Thakhek or Pakse, it would end up being more of an out and back or an extremely long loop. If you're looking to start in Luang Prabang you could head up… 
great! This is what I was looking for. I have a while to plan, just wish I wasn’t on such a time crunch
are you flying into Luang Prabang?
probanly Vientiane. I can get a cheap direct flight there from where I live in Kunming and flights to Luang Prabang involve a layover and a much more expensive ticket (Chinese holidays mean usually super expensive plane tickets)
Don't know about bike routes but you could surely ride around the karat hills around Vang Vieng between Vientiane and Luang Prabang and visit some caves and climb to a viewpoint while you're there. Blue lagoon is nice for a swim and the Song River for kayaking.