Maefel's question in Singapore

Attraction / Outdoor

I will be travelling in Asia starting in 30th September till 13th October. I will be visiting Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand. Anybody interested to join? :)

No but I can give some advise on AMAZING unique experiences in Thailand. Let me know if I can help
@Megan open for advices. I will be staying in BKK for 3nights and 4days only. Ang suggestions?
The Asia River Float House is a few hours out side of Bangkok. I would recommend staying there at least one night or just doing a day trip to the Sai Yok National Forest. There are several great waterfalls to visit the Erawan Waterfalls, Saiyok waterfalls and the Saiyok Noi waterfalls. The resort… 
Oh! I would love to visit these waterfalls. I will check for it. Thanks a lot ?
Enjoy the food in Malaysia, make sure you head to Malacca, KL, Penang
I will try to visit these places :)