Linh's question in Norway


Hi! I’m off to Norway this spring to hike, climb and film. Which places would you recommend I go and why? Would appreciate some tips for epic places over there, it’ll be my first time there! :)

Linh, there's a reindeer hotdog stand if you fancy some interesting eats...and the Ulriken-Floyen hike seems pretty epic!
Nice, thank you Dayana!
I visited flam Norway And they have some great hiking trails for all levels. I hiked up to the waterfall, use the link to check it out for more info
Thanks for that Nikki, I will check it out!
Hey, you can go to stavenger and do the pulpit rock hike which is easy takes around 4 hours. There are also many hiking trails in trollstigen.
Thanks Abdullah, looks great especially trollstigen! The whole geiranger area looks amazing :)
Has anyone been to the Lofoten area and the horseid and dunes beaches??