Mau Fonseca Esquivel's question in Italy

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Hi guys, I’m from Costa Rica. We are getting married April 21 and going to the Caribbean For a while but then we will be driving from Rome to the north of Italy. Any recommendations about where to stop, nice old towns, beautiful outdoors, good Italian families that offer stay? We will be around suena and the Tuscany area for a while. Should I go to Venice or instead go toward France? Keep going north to Switzerland? Any help will be appreciated.

I would get out to spend a weekend in the Dolomites! Nature there is something like "the sound of music"
One totally underrated and beautiful town recommended by is Siena
Also check out Verona if you've got time and congrats on getting married!
1. Venice is beautiful but always crowded, but if you do choose then combine it with Dolomites and Verona. 2. Check small towns on the Italian Riviera like Positano or the quite popular Cinque Terre towns if you decide too go west. 3. If you love mountains and alpine beauty then choose Switzerland.
Sorry, I meant Portofino not Positano
Cinque terre for sure! I recommend staying in Manarola or Vernazza
Thanks everyone, keep it coming is helping us a lot
Keep the travel time to a minimum and stay in Italy. Tuscany and Liguria costs are beautiful, but anywhere is beautiful!