Svetlana Solomina's question in Iceland


Hi guys, i will have like 20 hours at the Iceland airport between my flights in the beginning of May. I thought to go visit the blue lagoon but it is like crazily expensive. Any similar sightseeing places to visit not far from the airport that are more value for money?

Hey there! There’s a 2 hour bus ride down to Skógar and Skogafoss which is a georgeous waterfall on the southern shore. It’s near the volcano Eyjafjallajökull thar erupted a few years back that snarled European air travel. We got a Trex hiker bus pass to get around. You could also consider going to… 
I highly recommend going outside the city because it’s a beautiful geological wonder of a country, but I put a list up on my profile of things to do in downtown. Having a hard time copying the link here though - sorry!
thanx! will check it up!
Look into half day Golden Circle tours that would be your best bet. U may have time to check out Reykjavik & maybe hit a local pool. Look into storing ur bags at the airport. Also factor in u can make more $ not more time?
well it cost like 600 bucks for is not what i call value for money. unfortunately i probably will just stay at the airport with thise icelandic prices)) haha))
It's definitely not worth it. Do one of the half day tours or go walk around the city and hit a public pool. They are cheap and pretty sweet.
That’s a quick read on some less touristy options which I found helpful!