Andrea Leyva's question in Brazil

Attraction / Music

Hello fellow travelers, going to be traveling to São Paulo Brazil and wanted to know of some cool places to visit and record stores to shop in?

I recommend you to visit the Paulista Avenue in a Sunday afternoon. It's the best place to walk around, buy some handmade stuff and watch some street artists shows. Also recommend the "Beco do Batman" if you like art street, try the delicious mortadela sandwich at Mercado Municipal, the Ibirapuera… 
I am going to be flying into São Paulo for December 30th and staying in the area until at least January 5 before heading south to hit up Santa Catarina beaches if everything goes well and would love to meet some people in the area to see some sights.
Hi Andrea, in the app you can go to "Explore" then at the top select the "People" mode and then at the tippy top with the drop down select "Sao Paulo" then the app with present you with users who are living in or traveling through San Paulo. You can send direct messages and ask for advice or see…