Katie Scott Aiton's question in Chile


Hey all, I've been in Santiago for a few years and still to find an authentic sushi place that is not a chain and serves without cream cheese on every roll. Anyone have suggestions? Heard the Japanese place at the W is worth it. Thanks in advance, Katie

Osaka, which used to be at the W, has closed (temporarily, I think, while they change to a new location). I'd recommend Naoki on Vitacura (pricey but excellent). Ichiban is also reliably good, as is Matsuri. I think Naoki is by far the best, though. Just make sure you reserve in advance.
I love that cream cheese?
thanks. I'm a quality over quantity person so that place in Vitacura sounds ace. I'll look into Osaka heard they had a great wagu beef. I'll try Naoki on Friday with the pololo. He's a NU cream cheese kinda guy so I need to educate haha. Love to hang out too. How long have you been in… 
Hi Katie. Try Shogun, located Enrique Foster 159, El Golf sector.