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Food / Music

I’ll be in Austin on Thursday evening, what’s the best live music venue/Brewery/taco place where to hang out? I am travelling solo and I am not familiar with the city. I’ll stay in a hostel close to 6th Street. Thanks guys!

My personal opinion... 6th street is full of obnoxious, drunk college kids. Right beside it however is Rainey Street. A little nicer and cleaner. Don’t know your age, you may love 6th, I do not. Not sure about a taco place. But there is tons to do in Austin! Ask around in the hotel, I bet they can… 
You can also go to www.do512.com.
Hey Frederica! I can’t paste it here, but go to my profile and look at my lists. There is one for Austin! I agree with Terri that Rainey is awesome for beer joints. If you walk down 6th street, every other bar will have live music so it’s super easy. If you want more chill, hipster vibe, go to… 
Hi guys! I have been just once in 6th Street and I just mentioned it to give you an idea of the area where I will be staying as I don’t have a car :) more than happy to go to lett touristic and chilled areas!!