Terry D's question in Argentina

Food / Nightlife

I’ll be in B.A. with a friend until Friday this week, any recommendations for mid week things to do or food we should check out? Thanks!

Today, Monday night you should go to “la bomba de tiempo” at the centro cultural Konex, it starts at 8pm!
Café crespin for brunch, Sarkis is a great Armenian restaurant(you should go early to avoid long lines). For burgers check out Williamsburg Burger Bar or CARNE and Pani is a great option for teatime if you have a sweet tooth. Rapa Nui has the best ice cream but Lucciano’s is great too As regards… 
There are hundreds of cool bars for mid week where you can go, some of them: Festival, Sheldon, Florería Atlantico (informal ones); Ponyline at hotel Four seasons, Skybar at hotel Pulitzer, The Steve Bar (a bit more elegant); or Nicky Harrison, Victoria Brown, Uptown, Bradley, (those are hidden bars).
Thanks so much for the suggestions. Unfortunately I couldn’t hit everything but checked out many spots and all were great! Really helped make out time in BA amazing