Christian Muller's question in Argentina


My family and I are potentially planning a month stop in Buenos Aires and we were wondering which areas would you recommend staying in. We are a family of four 2 adults and 2 daughters (11 & 6 years old). We are looking for a walkable neighbourhood close to transit, grocery and playgrounds. We would also like a neighbourhood with a good vibe (I know, what does that mean). Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

Palermo is quite nice
Palermo is a good place to be conected with public transport, you have many restaurants and “ferias” the weekends also you have “Bosques de Palermo” nearly that is a enormous park. In the night the center of the city is dangerous so be carful.
Thanks for the tips. Palermo was on the short list, so that helps.
Hi - I agreee that Palermo is the place to be.  Any place north of ave Sante Fe - up to Ave Frederico LaCroze is a good area. Just a heads up/ NEVER take a random cab from the airport to your hotel. I made this mistake and was robbed / as well as friends of mine. It’s a very popular scam right…