Christian Muller's question in Turkey


I’m thinking it’s getting near time to Turkey. Looking at a two’ish’ week itinerary starting and I ending in Istanbul. Definitely stopping in Goreme and Pamukkale. Talk to me about your favourite towns on the Turquoise Riviera, for a little beach time.

Hello how are you, welcome to Istanbul
Antalya and around are still warm. You should go to the beaches alanya, kemer, kaş or marmaris.
thank you. While I’m not there yet I’m looking forward to my visit with great anticipation.
just taking a peek at some of the pictures online and it looks amazing. Just out of curiosity, are there any places that might be recommended further west on the coast?
Aegean part (for example; bodrum)will be cold. It won’t be ok for beaches. (There is perfect for summer. More windy less humidty) mediternean part (antalya and around) is good in end of october. I prefer kaş, nice , silent place but perfect nature. I am not sure but you can watch baby caretta… 
Hi Christian , please visit our website about Turkey. And check maps . If you have any suggestions or any help , just email us, we are very happy to help you and give you ideas.