Christian Muller's question in Cambodia

Attraction / Outdoor

I’m in Sihanoukville for a week any suggestions? Have you been, what’s fun? Things to see and do.

Psar Leuh Market if you like local crafts and art :)
We loved otres beach which is a few km outside sihanoukville. We were there 6 years ago and it had a great relaxed beach cafe vibe. I just hope it’s still the same....
We were at Otres 2 yesterday and booked a boat tour from there. That beach cafe vibe is still there but it is beginning to evolve as foreign money is being dumped in the area and larger hotels and resorts start to open.
I had a feeling it might have changed. It was beautiful and unspoilt when we were there but there were rumours that a lot of land had been purchased to build a huge casino and hotel. Thanks for the updated info.