Michelle F.'s question in Malaysia

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Hi all! I recently asked a question about Bangkok, but after traveling to Bangkok I will head to Kuala Lumpur, for a couple of days in August I was also wondering if any one has any suggestions on where to stay? How easy or difficult it is to get around, and what to see or do that could probably be different. Thanks! ?

Very easy...so many public transport in KL...grab car...about interesting places you can google it...but one thing...IF YOU WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PICK A RIGHT TIME...OTHERWISE YOU WILL STUCK IN JAMMED...
Petaling Street is perfect. It's in the center.
Hi Michelle! I went to KL recently for the first time and found that their public transport is not as convenient as most Asian cities. Bangkok is very convenient on the other hand! I used Grab quite a bit, which is quite cheap compared to other transportation. The metro is easy to use but the… 
Thank you all!!
I thought the public transportation in KL was better than in Bangkok. Their MRT takes you almost everywhere. They also have Grab here, and it is quite cheap. Also there are buses here take you almost everywhere in Malaysia. And they're big buses compared to some minibuses in Bangkok, Thailand.