Tara Urban-Engel's question in Vietnam

Food / Attraction

I'm going to be in Hanoi for a couple of days before moving on to Sa Pa and other cities in the north. Are there any 'must sees' to check out or photograph on a tight-ish timeline? Any recommendations for northern Vietnam are very appreciated!

The Hanoi Water Puppet Theatre may be one of the places you want to check out. Regardless of whether you enjoy a theatre show or not, this is one of the unique art form existing in this region.
Thank you! I'll for sure try to see one!
We managed to squeeze in a day tour to Ha Long Bay during my visit. I find it so-so but most of my friends like it which you may like to try as well.
I like to people watch so the Old Quarter of Hanoi is a good way to have a sensory assault! The buss and hype, as well as observing how the locals maneuver the roads and through their streets are photo-worthy moments.
Did you find a day tour to Ha Long Bay worth it? I've been trying to decide whether to go for a day or go toward Hoi An / Hue and have more time there
How long did you spend in Hanoi?
I spent 4 days in Hanoi. Hoi An and Hue will take more time from Hanoi compared to Ha Long Bay. It also depends on what you like, Hoi An will be more of a cultural visit whereas you get to enjoy the scenery and water at Ha Long Bay.
Hoan Kiem lake and the temple in the lake. The temple of Literature. Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum. The opera house in the French Quarter. And simply a stroll through the Old Quarter.