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Attraction / Outdoor

Visiting in the beginning of October. Any suggestions for culture and outdoor activities?

It’s basically winter in October. And people are hanging around outside less and less. Culture: Anchorage Musuem Oscar Anderson House Outdoor activities: Some people are still going for runs on bike trails ans such. Usually not enough snow on any if the slopes for skiing. But it’s possible to… 
I’m a New Yorker. I’ll take peace & quiet whenever and wherever I can get it.
In that case: Assuming you’re going to have a vehicle (travel in AK is difficult without one) Not sure if Flattop will be accessible then but worth checking into. It’s an iconic ‘everybody does it at least once a year’ Anchorage area peeps hike. A drive out to the Eagle River visitors center is… 
Already reserved a rental for the trip. Figured that it’d be hard to get around otherwise. Also into history, if that helps.
the museum in anchorage is good for that, too
Hatcher Pass about 60 miles from Anchorage is beautiful and has a closed gold mine that you can visit
Most tourist sites closes early September