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How long should I stay in Medellín and Cartagena if I'm on a tight schedule?

From my experience I feel that should give you a good feel for both places. In Cartagena did you plan to explore the beaches nearby or just stick in the city?
Probably maybe a day trip near the beach, but mostly stick to the city
I feel like you should be good then!
Depends on what you want to do 6 & 4 could not enough or too much. If you are just going to explore the cities it would be more than enough. Close to Medellin there are many beautiful small towns to explore but again, 6 days with a good schedule should be enough. Enjoy to the max!!!
We were recently in Medellin for about four days and I would have like a couple more, but my family and I move pretty slow. We also spent two weeks ish in and around Medellin in towns like Guatape and Salento, so worth it. We are now in Cartagena and will be here for two weeks as we settle in a…