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We are traveling to Goa next week for 5 days. We would like if there are any suggested places or restaurants or experiences which anyone would like to share ??

Dont miss the luxurious Grand Hyatt Goa and especially the wonderful relaxing and refreshing Devaaya Ayurveda Resort.
There is a place called the Big Foot in Goa where you will find the history of GOA, it’s very interesting. Also, there are some beach areas which is remote and quite good for couples, you can spend some quality time there.
thank you so much for the advice.. definitely looking forward to it.. :)
thanks mate for your advice.. am also eager to explore the less-footed areas.. so looking forward to seeing those areas.. :)
You are most welcome ? the beach I was referring to is called Calangute beach. It was very near to the cottage we took and very quite and Virgin. I am not sure how it is now. Just do some local search as well.
Agonda beach was amazing when I went a few years ago, I can highly recommend Agonda beach white Sands as accommodation
If you are in the north and don’t mind splurging, check out Thalassa at Vagator for Greek Food... english breakfast at burritos in Baga is good... for local dishes, always rely on the small eating joints.
thank you for sharing the information.. :)
Yes Thalassa is very good, set on top of a cliff overlooking the beach. Get there for before sunset and get a table at the front.
thank you for the information.. left Goa before 3 days.. bt will surely keep in mind next time.. :)
To experience Goa... you need to be down south... the peaceful serenity of the south seas don’t match to anything you’d find up north. Agonda definitely is one of the most beautiful places when it comes to down south. When it comes to an even blend of relaxation, yoga, party & beach. In addition…