Kamila's question in Mexico


hey, I am planning a two days trip to Valladolid. can you advise what's the best way to visit all attractions? should we go by bike, rent a golf cart or buy an organized trip? all the places are spread around the city, what's the best way to travel around? appreciate your thoughts?

Hello, I think the best is rent a car, you can move by yourself to Chichén Itzá, Balankanche Caves, I Kil cenote, Ek Balam, go to the north cost of Yucatán, like Ría Lagartos. If you are in Merida o Cancún, Europcar can be a good election, but make your resevation at the web site. Have a good trip.
I do agree that the best way to visit all the places u mention here is by renting a car.
hi guys, thank you for the advices. unfortunately we did not consider driving in Mexico so we don't have our driving licences. I heard that collective busses are quite popular. do you recommend those?
I think is better take a tour. You can find some agencies at the Main Square and hotels.
U can manage using that kind of busses but I do NOT RECOMMEND them! Be aware that they are quite unacurate as far as regular service goes, So take that in mind when u would like to use them!