Christian Muller's question in Vietnam

Attraction / Food

Heading to Da Nang, Vietnam for a long weekend, how would you fill your days?

If you like hiking, I'd suggest heading to the Marble Mountains, about 6 miles out of town; for culture, check out the Da Nang cathedral and the Dragon Bridge. You can also hit up the beach if weather's good!
How tough is the hike? I have a four year old. And I think I'll definitely check out the cathedral and bridge. I heard dragon breathes fire, is that true?
It used to breathe fire, yeah! As for the hike, it's at least intermediate level so some areas may be tough. For good views and less hassle getting up there, check out Ba Na hills; there's a cable car that goes up so you don't have to hike :)
It appears that Asians are more keen on food than anything else when they travel, or so it seems when I asked around for recommendation on Da Nang. Check out local cuisine especially fresh seafood, and one of my friends only remembered the "nice restaurants". The scenery at night is beautiful I… 
That's some great stuff thanks.
From a friend who just went: "I was there last year and started my weekend with a food tour (we literally ate off the beaten path -- like we ate in people's homes) Next day, I hired a local guide for a motor bike trip to see Chùa Linh Ứng - a HUGE buddha temple with sea… 
That food your looks amazing.