Jasmin MC's question in Canada

Attraction / Outdoor

Hey guys! I will be going to Toronto soon (: & id love to get some recommendations on places to go to (: Thanks in advance!

Metropolitan hotel mate, close to Dundas st and Chinatown and the bus to the airport's stops in front of the hotel.
One of my favorite cities to do a pizza crawl with stops to Terroni, Libretti, Gusto 101, Define and North of Brooklyn. For cocktails a trip to Toronto Temperance Society is always fun as is legendary (in my mind) dive bar OddSeoul. No trip to Toronto for me is ever complete with some cake at Bobbette and Belle. Enjoy!
I have done a couple of lists which cover just a few of the cool things that can be done, and eaten in Toronto! Summer is a great time to be there, Torontonians love spending time on patios and eating ice cream - be prepared for lines to experience these things, especially on weekends!