Mayur's question in Nepal

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I am planning to visit Kathmandu next week from Dubai over the long weekend. Any suggestions on adventure sports in that region ? Also, you are more than welcome to join if you want to have a quick 4 days relaxed getaway with rejuvenating spa treatment and visit to ages old holy Indian temple. Happy Travelling ?

Hello namaste warm welcome to Nepal , this is a monsoon season here in nepal , motorbike tour is the best sport . How long is your visa , according to your visa I can manage your trip plan , Regard
Hi Sozab, thanks for your reply. I don’t think being an Indian citizen I need a visa there. Secondly I am coming for a couple of days only so not sure how feasible it will be for trekking. But one thing that I wanted to visit is Pashupatinath Mandir and then explore other options. Let me know. Thanks
Ooh as you’re Indian you don’t need visa , why don’t you explore pashupatinath and muktinath in mustang
Muktinath is nearby from Thamel ? Also, is there a good Ayurvedic Spa available there ?
Muktinath is sacred place after pashupatinath , it lies at himalaya at altitude of 3700m high . It take 4night 5days from Kathmandu muktinath Kathmandu . Yes here are a lot of Ayurvedic spa
9861762813 could you add me on what’s app
Sozab ji Namaste, I already been to Nepal. But since it was just for 2 days so couldn’t connect with you. However, thanks a lot for your message and kind assistance. Regards
You’re always Welcome here in nepal , no worry hope for the next time for any adventure