Alice Latham's question in Sweden

Attraction / Outdoor

Hitting Stockholm for 5 days in late January. What should we do? Museums, galleries, neighborhoods, outdoors, etcetc. ?? and any food/drink recs also welcome ??

Hi Alice, Good to hear about your intrest. We are living in Stockholm for the past 8 years and so far I can recommend: Wasa museum, the old town, the blind ppl like experience at Osynlig Utställning, Boulebar indoor (play drink eat), Strandvägen fr. Nybråplan (plaza) to Wasa musem and Nordiska… 
I would add to Gabriek’s list following. Hallwylska Palatset - - which is located in the hart of Stockholm. Amazing collection of different objects and beautiful cafe/restaurant in the courtyard. Guided tour is worth it. Strandgatan - nice walk beside the lake with amazing… 
Wow! These suggestions are amazing, thank you so much and !!??
Aye I can't add anything more except highlighting how to enjoy walking around!